It’s the kind of stripped down, touch-your-soul music you need when you really want to feel it. It’s at-once thoughtful, funny and well-delivered with Kate’s signature noteworthy warmth, grace, wit, and precision. Together with Dave Captein and Brent Follis she offers up a musical experience that lets the music speak clearly for itself, in a rarified, genre-shifting soundscape—rooted in jazz but stretching far beyond. 

Dave Captein, Bass

Dave’s gentle phrasing and warm tone take opportunity to cast a wider net here, blowing apart customary role restrictions for the instrument and providing a greater percentage of the soundscape. Plus, he’s also a ventriloquist. Bet you didn’t know that.

Brent FollisDrums

Brent brings his deep and sensitive colorings to bare in this ensemble, providing an energy of fullness and texture. He flawlessly uncovers the nuances of each song to create a unique and supportive percussion voice.

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